Acoustic Insulation Specialist For The Petrochemical / Powergeneration Industries

Over the years we have undertaken many insulation and sheet metal fabrication contracts for powergeneration companies. These contracts have included short term, long term and on-going maintenance.

The experience we have gained has enabled us to provide the highest level of service and craftsmenship to complete all projects within time and budget.

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Our involvement began in 1997 with the development of the South Humber Bank Power Station, Stallingborough, phases 1and 2 . During this time we completed a number of day work and price contracts to the complete satisfaction of ABB, now Alstom. Following this we were rewarded with a similar contract to carry out extensive insulation modifications, repairs and renewals at the Enfield Energy Centre and the new 400mw Shoreham B power station, Brighton.

  Our most recent project has been the completion of insulation works on the new Ringsend Power Station, Dublin. Our involvement on this particular project included thermal and acoustic insulation to both steam and gas turbines, HP, LP, and auxillary pipework and HRSG.

We are in a position to provide the support and services required to meet the needs of our clients due to the flexibility of our workforce and the ability to complement various other services to maintain continuity within the project. We can also supply our clients with full on-site sheet metal working facilities in order to maximise efficiency and save costs incurred by travelling and the transportation of fabricated materials.