Pharmaceutical and food hygiene insulation specialist

Pharmaceutical and healthcare giants Reckitt Benckiser are one of our regular customers requiring insulation duties to be carried out on various parts of their plant at their Hull site. Insulation to pharmaceutical and health care areas requires a very high degree of competency and hygiene standards from the workforce due to the extremely strict guidelines in place within this industry.

 Pharmaceutical insulation engineers
 Pharmaceutical insulation contractors
 Food hygeine insulation engineers
 Food hygeine insulation contractors

Effective insulation within this area provides many beneficial factors including low maintenance, easy to keep clean and energy saving, thus resulting in lower running costs over the longer term.

Pharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities require installation to the highest standards ensuring compliance with FDA and MCA Regulatory agencies. Pipework insulation requires to be of premium quality using insulation materials that have no risk, and finished to ensuring aesthetic appearance with excellent containment and integrity.

  A variety of different finishing products are required dependant upon certain areas' of pharmaceutical plants. These have include P.I.B., Isogenopak, aluminium and the most popular within this industry, mirror effect stainless steel.